hero challenge

A done-for-you event with major benefits

  • Boost Moral
  • Create Connectivity
  • Increase Attendance
  • Improve Retention
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Customized for your gym

Because the Hero Challenge is such a great member retention tool, its important that the Challenge is very connected to your gym. To help with this, whenever an athlete from your gym registers from the challenge, they will receive an email specifically customized for YOUR gym. Your branding, your information, and your gym's details.

A Simpler Way To Boost Summer Revenue

This challenge is designed to boost member retention during the difficult summer months where many people put memberships on hold because of summer plans, vacations, activities, etc. In addition to helping you keep your current members, this challenge is built to breed new memberships through the social media awareness of your gym will generate to your most promising prospects.

"Keys to soaring summer revenue"

Brittney Saline of the CrossFit Journal wrote an article about the Hero Challenge called "Keys to Souring Summer Revenue", in which she interviewed Hero Challenge creator Cody Looney on how to use an event like the Challenge to thrive during traditionally difficult summer months for affiliate owners.

A portion of all proceeds benefit 'Fix'd' organization

FIX'D provides accredited life coaching and peer support to veterans fighting through physical and mental obstacles such as; PTSD, Self-Medication, Anger Management, Isolation, Survivors Guilt and Problematic thinking. FIX’D bridges that gap between need and care providing programs, peers, and a network of health care professionals volunteering to answer the call.

We Provide Everything You Need

Instruction Kit

A kit for gym Owner’s that includes the WODs, rules and outlines how we recommend the challenge should be executed.

Graphics Bundle

Get all the graphic files you need including a Hero Challenge Logo to sell Apparel to your members.

Finisher Badges

You will receive iron-on badges for your athletes who complete the Hero Challenge. Perfect for adhering to Hero Challenge apparel.

Unlimited Participation

There is no cap on the number of athletes from your gym who can register for the Hero Challenge.

Custom Registration

When you register your gym, we’ll send you a custom registration link for your members. You can send people directly to this link or embed in your website.

Custom Emails

When registered, your athletes will receive a custom email from your gym regarding rules, social media sharing, heats times, etc. specific to your gym.